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Project manager Mentoring Workshop (PMW)

As part of its service offering, ITMiles offers PMW to mentor the Project Managers so that they can predict the delivery challenges and face them confidently. The theme of the workshop is to have experiential discussions with real life case studies. These workshops are conducted by people who have worked with CMM Level 5 organisations like Infosys Technologies Ltd in very senior positions.
Subsequent to the workshop, candidates can interact with ITMiles faculties to implement the best practices learnt in the session for no additional charges. Corporate customers can opt for paid mentoring services.
"I have problems in meeting the quality, budget and timelines demanded by my customers. Adding to that, our assignments are also getting tougher - be it proposal submission or managing projects. I would like to hear from experienced people who have managed the delivery of complex projects in large organizations and understand the good practices. I also wish to involve them in mentoring my team in project management practices since my band width is limited. The quality of proposals that get submitted, delivery of projects, management of requirements and risks are my key pain areas"
Following are the workshops conducted under the umbrella of PMW:
1. Project Management Workshop: Objectives of this workshop are: Appreciate the importance of project management - Understand various processes and components of project management - Learn the best practices through case studies - Understand the customer, organisation and industry expectations out of project managers - Know how to deal with real life situations and Do's and Don'ts in project management.

2. Requirements Elicitation and Management Workshop: Objectives of this workshop are: Appreciate the importance of requirements management, the issues faced and the processes followed - Understand what is a good requirement and how to obtain that - Learn through case studies how to manage stake holders and customer personnel - Understand why change control is needed and how to negotiate change requests - Appreciate the need of traceability, versions and tools.

3. Proposal Preparation Workshop: Objectives of this workshop are: - Understand the proposal drivers, preparation process and the structure of the proposal - Discuss how to handle the challenges with respect to turnaround expectations, solution design, packaging the content, scoping and pricing, managing the stake holders etc. - Understand the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Apart from this, ITMiles also conducts focused drill-drown workshops like Risk Management, Customer Expectations Management, Time Management etc.

ITMiles conducts these workshops for corporate as well as for a gathering of people from different companies through open workshops. ITMiles customizes these workshops to address your expectations and pain points. For corporate, these customizations are done through pre-workshop meetings with the stakeholders in the corporate. Customization for open workshop is done through the responses obtained from participants over web questionnaire.
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