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Project Management Workshop


Understanding project management processes and tools are relatively easier compared to the project management dynamics. To manage a real project, a PM needs to build confidence to face the complex project situations. There is a need to do things right the first time and every time in an industry that is growing at a break-neck speed. So a new PM would require some mentoring support on the job.

With the lion's share of the management time getting spent on customer expectations management, crisis management and addressing ongoing problems such as project staffing, there is little time left for mentoring PMs on the job. While some projects fail due to this, many projects run less efficiently. It hurts the organization in terms of project margins, customer dissatisfaction, loss of repeat business, employee turnover etc. Erring PMs face career related issues that could dampens his/her ambitions to scale heights.

Who gets benefited from this workshop?

ITMiles has effectively conducted this workshop from module leaders till senior project managers. Some of the case studies in its original context did involve senior project managers who had good amount of learning when it really happened. Sessions were offered to the organization engaged in different service offerings like development, maintenance, product/package implementation etc.

What are the topics covered?

Project Management workshop covers the following topics.

  • Project and project management (PM) challenges
  • PM processes planning, execution, closure
  • PM components
  • Management of Quality, Scope, Human Resource, Time, Communication, Risk , Cost
  • Customer management
  • 8 to 10 case studies on above topics

What is the aim of this workshop?

PM Workshop aims to build confidence in PMs to face the project situations. Sessions are highly experiential and they simulate real project situations through rich case studies and discussions. Some typical benefits that you can expect from this workshop are as below:

Problems faced by a PM Confidence built by the workshop
I am giving my best to the project, but I am solely blamed for the project failures. I am the captain of the ship (project) and know how to take control of my ship. I will be the part of the solution and not the problem
Cost is a important factor, but I do not know how I can make any difference as a PM I have an important role in optimising the cost. I can keep cost in mind while taking many decisions.
While doing my project work. I get disturbed from the internal issues of the customer like user-IT politics. Handling customer internal issues is a part of project management. I can handle this issue through proper stakeholders’ management.
I want to say "NO" to a change request, but not sure whether I can say so. I know the consequence of saying “YES” and I know how to say “NO”. I know how to carry out Change Request Management.
I am not getting right people for my project on time. Not sure why delivery planning does not work that way.  This is affecting the quality of my delivery. I understand why I may not get right resources on time. But I can face this situation better through resource optimization.
My people are working very hard. Pushing them to abide by quality process will increase their workload. Otherwise it leads to delivery compromises. Proper quality planning and assurance activities help me to prevent delivery compromises, yet keeping my team happy.
When I talk about project risks, people think I am making unnecessary noise. But when the risks happen, I will end up salvaging the mess. Through proper risk management, I can get the buy-in of stakeholders and manage these risks effectively.
I do not know how to assess whether a project is running well. I know how to make a project health assessment.
Team issues like performance, internal conflicts, attritions etc. are bothering me. I have little time to spend on these matters since the project itself is quite complex and challenging. I know how to nip many of these problems in the bud through proper team development and motivation.
Customer is not prompt in reviews, sign-offs or providing clarifications. This is delaying my project. There are ways to ensure proper response from the customer through expectation management and escalation mechanisms.
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