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ITMiles stands for Information Technology (IT) miles. Miles in ITMiles denotes the company's intent to bring that extra IT mileage to your IT ventures. Irrespective of whether you are a customer requiring IT solution or a vendor or a professional delivering IT solutions ITMiles can make difference to your ventures with its vast experience in the field.

  1. ITMiles works with IT customers to define technology initiatives to address their long term business goals and successful outsourcing strategies. ITMiles educates the customers on how to go about outsourcing.
  2. ITMiles provides consulting help to IT vendors in improving their delivery predictability and scale of operations. ITMiles provides training and mentoring support to their staff to manage their projects to the satisfaction of the stakeholders.
  3. ITMiles helps aspiring IT professionals through counseling.

A long lasting IT solution is not just a result of well thought-out IT road map but also an outcome of a strong partnership between the customers and vendors. People at ITMiles, with their vast experience of developing and delivering solutions to global customers, bring this important perspective to every engagement.

Concerns of IT Customers

While technology is opening several avenues for business growth, it comes with confusing and conflicting choices. IT has seen a fantastic growth in the last few decades; however there have been several challenges. There are challenges in understanding the potential application of IT. This may lead to misplaced investments, resulting in lower Return on Investment (RoI).

Investments in hardware and software should be done after a careful study of current infrastructure and necessary upgrades in alignment with emerging trends. Emphasis on efficiency of operations with maintainability is the key mantra. Investing in new technologies as early birds may promise higher returns, but comes with it's own risk of failure.

Another challenge is outsourcing. If the vendor does not meet quality and time to market expectations, it can put organization's initiatives in jeopardy resulting in real and opportunity losses. The organization's go-to-market strategies may fail. Additionally if there is no roll back plan, crisis may arise.

ITMiles helps customers in taking right decision on their investment and outsourcing plans. It assists the companies in realising their vision.

Concerns of IT Vendors

It is a struggle to build a delivery setup that can scale up yet maintain the quality and predictability. IT vendors are challenged with changing technologies, non availability of skilled labour and increasing expectations from customers, employees and other stake holders. Leading software companies have better processes and methodologies to deliver software, which is helping them to improve the scale and predictability, but that is still a major challenge for small and medium companies.

ITMiles helps vendors in strategising their operations to bring about predictability and scale. ITMiles also helps software companies by mentoring their staff on project, delivery and stakeholder management.

Concerns of IT Professionals

Today software business has opened up attractive career opportunities for aspiring software professionals. But the flip side is that the jobs are fast phasing, stressful and challenging. Some of the challenges being, peer pressure, expectations to learn and master new technologies quickly and to deliver state-of-the-art solutions. Such challenges have been stressful to the employees, taking toll on their career and social life.

ITMiles provides counseling help to professionals so that they become competitive and cope with the industry challenges.

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